A Muslim's Book Shelf Review

This book is a tremendously useful contemporary book of Prophetic biography. This book wonderfully weaves the existing primary English resources available on the biography of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and is written in a fluid and accessible manner. I would recommend this book to anyone studying the Prophetic biography, and is a great place to start before delving into other books on the subject. As this book combines the best of what is available in English, it spreads a wide net allowing the reader to taste the formats and styles of a wide variety of authors and sources. Normally one begins with general books on the subject before reading specialized books, in that sense, this book is a great place to start a life-long journey into Prophetic biography.
— A Muslim's Book Shelf


This book has taken an in-depth history and has presented it in an amazing easy simplified way for those to learn the seerah, which for most Muslims is a daunting task! Meraj has devoted his life’s work to creating this masterpiece and you can feel the heart, soul and energy as if you were living along-side of the Prophet Muhammad himself! Feeling his hardships, frustrations, disappointments, heart-breaks, with an eventual ease.
— Heidi Krueger

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