Does the author include his opinions in the book?

Revelation does not include the personal opinions of the author. Rather, it is a platform which presents the Prophet’s life based on the earliest sources (Ibn Hisham, Ibn Ishaq, al-Waqidi, Ibn Sa’d, etc.) along with relevant commentary from contemporary writers and scholars.  However, Dr. Mohiuddin explains how and why he wrote the book (and why he chose to keep his opinion out of it) in his Preface and Introduction.


Where did the commentary questions come from?

Wherever relevant, the author poses the questions that lead to the commentaries in order to provide insights, clarifications, or discussion points for the reader. There are over 400 commentary points in Revelation that usually begin with a question, such as, “Who was sleeping in Mecca?” or “What was the significance of Hudaybiyah?”  These questions were developed after combing through pages and pages of scholarship about the Prophet’s life. They are questions that the author anticipated might have already occurred to readers as they made their way through the material, or perhaps questions that lead them to delve deeper into the significance of the Prophet’s story.


Who funded this project?

There are no special interest groups, governments, or organizations tied to any part of this project. The book is funded 100% by Whiteboard Press, LLC--an American publishing company based in Arizona, USA.


Why is Revelation priced at $79.99 USD?

Unlike any other Sirah-related book on the market, Revelation is a textbook.

The cost of Revelation is based on numerous factors including content acquisition, production quality, global distribution, and the publisher’s long-term vision of supporting institutional partners.

CONTENT: Revelation is an entire bookshelf of material in a single book. It is a compilation of scholarly viewpoints that requires a team of dedicated lawyers to maintain extensive (and often expensive) copyright permissions from the numerous sources used in the book. 

PRODUCTION: Our team of editors and designers is committed to putting out the very best product, and we spared no expense to produce the highest quality book in the most ecologically friendly manner. The special foil-treated cover art is printed on 130 lb cardstock with a front/back dust flap that gives the book the durability of a hardcover with the flexibility of a paperback. 

In keeping with our core values, the book is printed locally, in full color on recycled paper products with environmentally friendly inks.

VISION: Revelation is designed to be a platform for individual transformation. A portion of every book sale goes towards supporting our partner institutions who are trying to help transform lives at the grassroots level.  We aim to partner with institutions that share this common goal. 

Some of our partners include ALIM Institute, Tayba Foundation, and the Ta'leef Collective. If you are interested in becoming a partner institution, please contact us.


Is there an e-book I can order instead?

Because of the dynamic nature of this textbook, it is not best suited for simple electronic (PDF) versions that can be read on Kindle/Nook/e-reader platforms. Instead, we are developing a sophisticated electronic platform that will allow the reader to interact with the material. We are excited to bring this novel approach to the market, and anticipate that it will be launched no sooner than 2017.


Is the book available on Amazon?

Yes, Amazon US, and Amazon UK/Europe.


What countries is the book available in?

Revelation is available through our distributor Mecca Books, Amazon US, Amazon UK. In addition, several shipments are already on their way to Australia, South Africa, and other parts of the world. Our goal is to have the book readily available throughout the English-speaking world. 

**If you are having a hard time obtaining a copy of Revelation, please contact our distributor who can assist your specific needs.**



Is this book appropriate for children?

Revelation is best suited for motivated high school students and beyond.  While it is written in modern, simple English, it contains a fair amount of information that might be overwhelming for younger audiences.  


Do you offer discounts for school purchases and non-profit organizations?

We absolutely welcome inquiries from educational programs and non-profits. Please contact us for more details and we'll be happy to work with you to help get the books into your hands.


Do you have any advice/resources on starting a study group?

We have been receiving a large number of requests for study group suggestions and are putting together a separate page on our website for more information.


Is this book suitable for non-Muslim readers?

Absolutely. With viewpoints from Muslims, non-Muslims, traditional scholars, and contemporary writers, Revelation was written with all readers in mind.


Can I reproduce the diagrams for teaching my classes?

We are more than happy to work with teachers and educational institutions. If you would like to use the diagrams in this book as teaching aides, we ask that you contact us through this website for more information.  Please respect that all Revelation content is copyrighted material and should not be reproduced for distribution without prior consent.


Is the author available for speaking engagements? How do I submit a request?

If you would like to request the author for a speaking engagement or a book launch in your community, feel free to contact us through this website with a detailed request.